We are Here!!!

Sawubona!! Hello from Swaziland!

Wow!! We are here! I can’t believe it. We are actually here…after over a year of planning and preparing and over a month of traveling and saying goodbye and training…after 2 days of intense traveling with 2 hotel stops, 2 flights …16+ hrs in the air and a 6hr bus ride…after juggling 40+ bags with our 2 families…WE ARE HERE!!!!

It seems a bit surreal…we live in Africa…in Swaziland. A small country in southern Africa where over 2 years ago God began to do big things in our hearts and our family. We are home!

We were able to travel with the Malloys, our fellow missionaries coming over from Louisiana, to serve in Nsoko, Swaziland. What a blessing it has been to live life with them during this crazy transition stage. The kids are LOVING it here! They have done amazing through all of the traveling, newness, and just plain craziness. I am so humbled and thankful as I see God’s grace in our lives. He has truly gone before us and prepared our way and our hearts. We serve an awesome God!

Here are lots of pictures from all of our crazy travels and our first couple of days here in Swaziland. Durban Wedding Photographer_0129 Durban Wedding Photographer_0130 Durban Wedding Photographer_0131 Durban Wedding Photographer_0132 Durban Wedding Photographer_0133 Durban Wedding Photographer_0134 Durban Wedding Photographer_0135 Durban Wedding Photographer_0136 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Durban Wedding Photographer_0138 Durban Wedding Photographer_0139 Durban Wedding Photographer_0140 Durban Wedding Photographer_0141 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Durban Wedding Photographer_0143 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Durban Wedding Photographer_0145 Durban Wedding Photographer_0146 Durban Wedding Photographer_0147 Durban Wedding Photographer_0148

4 thoughts on “We are Here!!!

  1. Jeremy Edwards

    Hey guys! We just read the blog that you guys made it over to Swaziland. That is awesome news.we are so happy for you guys living out God’s will for you over there. We will pray for blessings that much fruit will be born.

    Grace and peace,

    Jeremy, Kelly, Baelyn, and Annabella

    Here is a message from Baelyn to the kids:

    I hope you have a good time in Africa. I will pray that you can tell people about Jesus. I hope to see you again soon!

  2. Jane Ann Songer

    Hey Kids! We have been thinking about you and are so happy that you made it! Loving the pictures. Everyone looks so happy! Keeping you in our prayers and always in our hearts! Looking forward to your next post! Be happy! 😉

    Love you guys…..Jane Ann and Gang

  3. Love all the pictures, makes us homesick . Thanking God for safe travels. We are so excited for each of you and we know that God will use ya’ll in a mighty way in Swaziland. Ya’ll are in our prayers daily. We thank God for your obedience to go and serve and love the least of these in the beautiful country of Swaziland.

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